February at The Balanced Yogi


February already? Doesn’t quite seem possible!  I hope you have been enjoying the last few days even though it’s been cold, it’s been really pretty out!  Walk your dog, go for a run, and take the kids to the park!

So we are coming to the end of Vata Season. Vata seasons gunas or attributes are: cold, dry, rough, clear and mobile. Ayurveda believes the end of seasons hold the most accumulation of their attributes. So I know you are wanting to get back to the warm weather and here in Texas the weather plays with you a bit, it looks warm outside, but it still can be quite cold! Stay warm, continue to nourish and nurture and stay active. Hydration is a big thing right now, as you won’t be that thirsty due to the cold weather, so drink lots of water…half your weight in ounces every day and more if you are exercising. And speaking of exercising, staying active is a great way to release serotonin, your happy hormone. So in this season of depression and stagnation, moving your body will help keep you out of both of those imbalances! Try something new…maybe swim or play racquetball or my favorite form of cardio exercise: spinning!  Anything to get your heart-rate up. If you aren’t lifting weights, this is a great time to start. Lifting weights strengthens bones which are vulnerable at this time of year due to lack of sunshine and natural Vitamin D production.

When you have been active, you won’t feel guilty nurturing and nourishing your body, which really needs this kindness due to the roughness of the season! Grab a cup of warm turmeric milk (great for the immune system) and take some time for reflection.

If you are feeling a little scatter-brained lately, join me for Meditation on February 25th, at 2:00 pm at Lifetime Fitness in Plano. Learn to settle the distractions to move towards a greater understanding of your true self. The workshop is $30 for members and $40 for non-members. Text me at 972-658-1600 if you would like to come and are not a member.

On Sunday February 25th, I will begin a 5 week Introduction to Ayurveda Intensive that will run from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. This intensive will help you explore your Prakruti (true elemental distribution), Vikruti (imbalance) and the Gunas (the state of your mind). I will help you understand how your lifestyle, food, therapies (including yoga), herbals and oils will help you stay balanced. This intensive will also prepare you for The Lighten-Up Cleanse which will take place right after Easter. Cost for this intensive will be $75 for members and $90 for non-members. Again contact me if you would like to attend but are not a member.

YOGA NIDRA- Sunday, February 18th (4:30pm-6:00pm Dhyana Yoga Center-Plano, Texas) and Sunday, February 25 (5:00pm-6:30pm Lifetime Fitness in Allen, Texas). 

Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep-based technique that takes the effort out of meditation. In Yoga Nidra, we are emptying the contents of the mind by progressively moving down through the brainwave states where there are naturally less and less thoughts. The value of learning this Yoga Nidra series of body, breath, and awareness techniques is that when you come back to the waking state, you are bringing with you the ability to notice thoughts, feelings, and struggles. You will notice the reactions moving through awareness rather than being so controlled by them. You will see that by stepping back from the contents of the mind, you can choose to engage a thought, an impulse, a craving, or a habit, but you also have space to make better choices where these thoughts are concerned.  In this practice you will, like meditation, go to the subtlest states of being, but unlike meditation, by using an intention, you will be able to make subtle shifts to that consciousness. If your life isn’t where you want it to be, where you are living a joyful and fulfilling life, but instead are living in constant stress, pain and suffering. Yoga Nidra will help you to take charge of your life again. Science has proven that your ability to control stress and live a healthier life with a more positive attitude is within your reach after only 11 sessions of Yoga Nidra. You can register on the Dhyana website www.dhyanayogacenter.com or at Lifetime Fitness Allen.

You can take my classes at Dhyana Yoga Center in Plano on Custer and Parker Road. I teach Hatha Yoga on Saturdays at 10:15am and Sundays at 10:00am as well as Tuesday nights at 6:30 Yin/Yang Yoga.

I also teach at Lifetime Fitness in Plano on Monday afternoons at 5:30pm (Therapeutic Yoga Basics), Tuesday mornings at 9:30am (Therapeutic Yoga Basics), Wednesday mornings at 9:15 (Therapeutic Yoga Basics), Thursday morning Yin Yoga at 9:30am and 6:00pm and Saturdays at 8:30 (Therapeutic Yoga Basics).  On Friday mornings at 10:15am at Lifetime Fitness in Allen, I teach Yin Yoga.

Mondays and Wednesday mornings from 8:15-9:15am at Lifetime Fitness in Plano,   I offer Yoga Team Training. A very small class that works just on the areas you are needing. This group has been together for a long time but always loves to welcome new participants. ($110/month)

If you would like private sessions throughout in Resistance Training (weight lifting), Yoga, Yoga Therapy, or Pilates just let me know.  Ayurvedic Consultations are offered upon request.

Well that’s it for February, I will be working on the schedule for March soon. If there is any particular training you would like, please let me know and I will try to add it.

Thank for reading and sharing and see you soon,


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